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GPS mount - Articulated type - Honda ST1300 / Pan European
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GPS mount - Articulated type - Honda ST1300 / Pan European

Product Information

This GPS mount for your Honda ST1300 puts your GPS where it belongs: just below your line of sight, just above the speedometer.  When looking at your GPS, you don't take your eyes completely off the road, as you would with a handlebar mount.  As you can still see what is going on in traffic, this is a much safer solution.
* as formerly produced by Motorrad Concepts, patented design now manufactured by
* works without RAM accessories, the unit cradle is mounted directly on the mount surface
* the Garmin Zümo 220/550/660/590 cradle fits straight out of the box
* NOT SUITABLE for the Garmin Zümo 340/350 due to the rotated hole pattern 
* NOT SUITABLE for TomTom Rider 
* adjustable in one plane (height & swivel), position is fixed by 4 screws
* leaves no trace when removed
* mounting takes about 15 minutes

(Based on 2 Reviews)

All-in Price (incl. worldwide shipping!): €190.00

Product Code: GPS-A-PanEuro
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Reviews / Comments
"I've had one of these mounts on my ST1300 for 18 months now. It's excellent. I've got a Garmin Zumo 660 fixed to it. You won't find a more solid mount for any money. In fact the bracket seems like it's overengineered, the metal is so thick, although it's aluminium and not as heavy as it looks. I fitted the quad harness at the same time, and took the power feed from one of the spare sockets there, so my GPS is only powered when the ignition is on or the key is in the accessory position. The only issues I've had are that one of the bolts on the articulated arm undid itself a while back - I spotted it and tightened it again, but I should threadlock it really. The other issue is that the mounting plate did not have the holes in the correct position for the zumo 660 carrier. Perhaps I was just being stupid, but I couldn't find any orientation that would make all four mount holes match up with the plate on the migsel bracket. I ended up drilling a couple to make it work - dead easy really. The result is a GPS sat perfectly positioned where I can glance at it without taking my eyes off the road for any longer than necessary. It's an expensive mount, but it's really worth it."
Aug 01 2013, 10:55 AMby Justin

GREAT Product
"I installed the GPS-A-PanEuro on my ST1300, (USA), over this past weekend. While am not exactly "mechanically" challenged I still get a little tense when making modifications. From bang to bullet this install took 20 minutes. Popped the two push pins and removed the two screws on each side. The inserts, (for the cap screws), that were included fit like a glove and did not slide around. The pre-drilled holes were spot on. It was as close to plug-and-play as they come. I did do two things in addition. First I laid a strip of black duct tape across the bottom of the mount so it would not sit metal to plastic. And since I have a Garmin 660, I purchased an additional mount, (RAM-B-347-G1), which I mounted to the shelf. Then I used the mounting hardware included with the Garmin to finish the job. You can mount the 660 cradle directly to the shelf but I did not want to leave the cradle on full time as my weather here is not always the best. This product is top notch and looks great as well."
Jul 06 2010, 12:16 PMby John from USA

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