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GPS mount - ST1300 / Pan European
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GPS mount - ST1300 / Pan European

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This GPS mount for your Honda ST1300 puts your GPS where it belongs: just below your line of sight, just above the speedometer.  When looking at your GPS, you don't take your eyes completely off the road, as you would with a handlebar mount.  As you can still see what is going on in traffic, this is a much safer solution.
* made of black anodized aluminium
* with ONE 1" RAM ball, so you can mount any device with a RAM bracket
* your Garmin Zumo will fit right out of the box, it comes with all the necessary RAM bits
* suitable for up to THREE 1" RAM balls, to mount multiple devices
* extra 1" RAM balls are available separately
* possibilities with RAM mounts are nearly endless: mobile phones, mp3 players, radar detectors, cameras, ..
* the mount is mounted on existing holes: no drilling, absolutely solid!
* leaves no trace when removed
* mounting takes about 15 minutes

(Based on 6 Reviews)

All-in Price (incl. worldwide shipping!): €131.00

Product Code: GPS-R-Pan
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Reviews / Comments
Honda ST1300 Mount
"A short delay to receive this sat nav mount. Beautifully engineered finished in satin black with a screw in ram ball fitting, choose one of three positions to site your sat nav. I looked at other solutions before buying this one from Migsel and in my opinion the best and from a safety viewpoint this mount only requires a quick glance down to see the sat nav screen. Looks smart on the bike and the Pan screen protects your sat nav."
Jun 02 2016, 10:32 AMby Philip Baber

St1300 sat nav mount
"Just received my mount and fitted it. It's a great bit of kit, very secure, sits the sat nav in just the right place. Well worth the money. Came with very easy to follow instructions."
May 24 2016, 19:07 PMby Jim

st1300 sat nav mount
"I've been looking for a suitable mount for my sat nav for some time and could find nothing I liked. This product is exactly what I was looking for. It is very well made, easy to install, fits perfectly and looks good too. The sat nav is mounted in just the right place and doesn't obscure forward vision. I would thoroughly recommend this mount. Great kit."
Oct 15 2015, 10:59 AMby Andy

"Very fast delivery! Nicely finished piece of art that is very solid when mounted. Took me about 10 minutes! Thanks. I recommend this for every st1300 user!!!"
Feb 26 2014, 10:32 AMby Peter Vercauteren

Good Stuff!
"This is the ideal way to mount a portable device on the ST1300. I looked at several different options but this is definitely the best one. - Well shaped and nicely crafted - Fits perfect to the curve of the dashboard. - 3 positions to park devices with a RAM-Mount option. - Easy to place as clear instructions are included and locks into the position of the upper 2 clips - No drilling of holes required for wiring as you can lead them through the ones at the upper left and rights side of the dashboard. - Devices are in the perfect position. Not blocking sight to dashboard nor road. "
Oct 10 2011, 13:03 PMby Jordan Ras

It Works & can Save you Money!
"Had one of these for around 3 years, was easy to fit and works well. The position is not only ideal for keeping your eyes on the road whilst looking at your Sat Nav, it also means that your Sat Nav or other device is protected from the worst of the weather by the bike's windshield. So I've been able to get away with using a standard Tom Tom One on my travels, rather than an expensive "weather proof" motorcycle specific device which has saved me £100s. Yes it's expensive to buy, but it's well engineered, looks good on the bike and it works well, so I'm happy to recommend it."
Jun 08 2011, 15:18 PMby David Parish

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